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Phyllis Hyman: Diary of a Diva

    speak to your heart 102.1 fm Phyllis Hyman committed suicide, leaving a suicide note behind. Part of the note read “I’m tired. I’m tired. Those of you that I love know who you are. May God bless you.” Biography: Your

Sadly, Hyman believed that taking her own life would be less painful than living the one she had come to know. Phyllis took her last breath on June 30, 1995. She was only 45 years old.

Few can fathom how such a beautiful talented woman could entertain the thought of suicide. Her death is one of many that leaves a fan perplexed. Like others who’ve chosen to bid this complex world farewell, Phyllis didn’t know her worth, beauty or purpose in life. “We are so much more than some men would we love would have us be.” On this note I rest!
  Excerpt: Prime of My Life ~ Phyllis HymanPrime of My Life is the eighth album by American soul singer-songwriter Phyllis Hyman. It was released by Philadelphia International Records on June 11, 1991 and featured Hyman’s only pop hit “Don’t Wanna Change the World”, which peaked at #1 on the US Billboard R&B chart and #68 on the Billboard Hot 100.” “It’s just the beginning Now I’ll be winning I’m in the prime of my life and there’s nothing that I can do Can’t lose I’m in the prime of my life Growing stronger every day Moving mountains standing in my way I’ve gain some golden insight Now I see daylight No more crying in the dark All the clouds have lifted I realized I’m gifted Now I’ve got a brand new spark Go for the bright things”

From most media accounts Hyman was alone in her apartment in New York City when she decided to end her life. She overdosed on pentobarbital and secobarbital. After her death, a memorial service was held in her honor at Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church in New York City.

Phyllis Hyman’s self-titled solo debut studio album was released by Buddah Records in 1977.

The album charted at #107 on the Billboard 200 chart, [2] of the singles released from the album: “No One Can Love You More” was the most successful, charting at #58 in the Billboard Hot Soul singles chart.

Early life and career Phyllis was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Phillip, a World War II Veteran, and Louise Hyman, waitress at a local night club. She grew up in St. Clair Village, the South Hills section of Pittsburgh. The eldest of seven children, Hyman’s paternal great-grandparents were Ishmael and Cassandra (Cross) Hyman. After leaving Pittsburgh, her music training started at a music school.

On graduation, she performed on a national tour with the group New Direction in 1971. After the group disbanded, she joined All the People and worked with another local group, The Hondo Beat. At this time, she appeared in the film Lenny (1974).

She also did a two-year stint leading a band called “Phyllis Hyman and the P/H Factor”. She was discovered in 1975 by music industry veteran Sid Maurer, and former Epic Records promoter Fred Frank, and signed to their Roadshow Records/Desert Moon imprint.

Phyllis Hyman moved to New York City to work on her career. She did background vocals on Jon Lucien’s Premonition and worked in clubs.
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