Battle of Ballads

Love songs are only Ballads, if they tell a heartfelt, compelling, emotional story. Ballad artists have unique lyrical ability Some are gifted with unique voices, and have an ability to mesmerize the ear with instrumental songs. And, then there are those rare ones, they do both amazingly, sing and play instruments. Aretha Franklin is one of those artists. Ray Charles, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder,and Elton John are as well.

Choosing a winner for this battle will be difficult because these talented women are all phenomenal. Man, I can’t honestly say who delivers this timeless track the best, because all three are flawless, touches the heart with precision, and ministers to the mind and soul.

One definition of “minister” is to care for. A great love song, qualifies as a ballad when the voice delivering the lyrics has ministering powers. Powers that massage the heart and mind equate to a therapeutic experience. Love songs will never go out of style, and a Ballad never dies. What is your all time favorite love song turned Ballad? Let us know by leaving a comment.

If I Were Your Woman

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