Where is the light?

When the Light is You|God Holds it in His Hands ?

The light is You, but God holds it in His Hands!

When the Light is You|God Holds it in His Hands ?
Sometimes a Grandmother’s love and wisdom is the only light bright enough to penetrate a child’s darkness.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” Hebrews 11: 1.

For the most part, grandmothers are unforgettable. They are matriarchs, light in dark times, and willing to go where the unwise cannot. I remember my grandmother being firm, loving, kind, and a protector.

Another thing, I remember her smile lighting up the room. As a child, along with mom and dad, grandma was instrumental in defining “who and what lights up your life” especially in her house. The way she lived advocated for the right to light. In other words, grandma wanted to see other people happy.

The light I speak of is the unspeakable joy that comes from loving and doing for others, especially those less fortunate.

Grandma was a simple soul, yet beautiful, smart and meticulous. I never heard mom say anything about my grandmother, at least not in front of me.

Actually, mom was always praising grandma’s way of life, her strength, and unshakeable faith.

From my memories it’s pretty obvious that during my grandmother’s life she was a light in darkness for many. In a time when it couldn’t have been easy to be her, a Black migrate from the deep south, she still managed to let her light shine.

Encouragement came natural. She used to say, “you can do anything you put your mind too.” That’s old school motivation talk.”

Having excessive material things was not the reason for grandma’s resolve, because by the world’s standards she didn’t have much. That said, I don’t recall ever seeing her sad, angry to the point of rage, nor did she have a “potty mouth.” Heck, I never heard her use one curse word!

As for me and my generation, well that’s another story.

Perhaps we’re too worried about preserving things that are not ours in the first place?

Incidentally, “holding on to things in this world is difficult, requires a lot of energy. Additionally, yet we work at it religiously.”

Whether it be people, places or things history shows that many humans go through everlasting bouts of separation anxiety.

In some cases, describing the experience as cases of anxiety is an understatement.

Beyond anxiety, some merely outright resist or reject releasing things they cherish. That includes people?

As an example, scores of Americans live above their means, which is a choice. Let me explain. Struggling to make ends meet is not the same thing as living above your means.

For the most part, we don’t choose not to have sufficient income to live comfortable.

The first Man I Ever Loved

And, in the latter example, these folks rarely take on second jobs to keep or buy things they can’t afford. Instead keeping a roof over the families head and food on the table may warrant a second job.

This light of mine I’m going to let it shine?” The light is the witnessing of a way out of no way!

Whereas today, “I can’t help but notice that things I once treasured and accumulated over the years have all but disappeared. The things I speak of also include people, places, things and beliefs.

Consequently, the apples of my eye, which once lit up my life no longer shine, nor have a place in my heart, life or home. As it appears, “the way to light came out of the dark.”

But, there were times when I viewed having these things as a necessity. In error, and unfortunately I considered things as the light.

So then, I pray that the answer to the question “what is the light” will enlighten all of us.

To recognize the light you must first acknowledge your darkness. Mind you, this means stepping out of all comfort zones devised to close ones eyes to reality.

Ignorance to pain, sorrow, neglect, mistreatment and the like of others represent darkness.

In spite of this, my eyes stayed on the prize, which is the light at the end of the tunnel. So, this is my response to the question, “what is the light?” It is my kindness toward others, which produces a glow in the midst of darkness.

The light is in my offspring, spouse, extended family, friends, and some enemies. Enemies teach us how to guard what is near and dear to our hearts. We want to shine light on their darkness to expose true intentions.

Additionally, the light is the empathy God instilled in me that makes me care about others. Further, the light is knowing that no matter how many obstacles this life presents, having faith gets me through the course.

Finally, the light is the soul, the nucleus and mother ship of every adult.

God is the ultimate light, He fills living lanterns according to each one’s capacity to shine. Capacity to shine is measured by good deeds, and how much energy we exert to let our light shine. The more we shine the more God replenishes.

No doubt, while in the dark everything is always about you.

Not long ago, I was talking to an elderly woman who voluntarily started talking about her twenty six year-old grandson and his run-in’s with the law, drugs and the like.

What is the light? The light is Love!

She told me that she went to visit her grandson in a mental hospital, about a week ago, and he called her a “mean old vulture.” Obviously she was hurt beyond words, and she told me that.

“In fact, the elderly woman said that she would not be going back until the grandson apologized.”

She further iterated, “I’m 80 years old, and don’t have time for his problems.” But I could tell she didn’t mean that! Actually, I noticed her voice going weak when she said she wouldn’t be going back.

Granted, she was hurt, but the jury is still out on whether or not she goes back to see him before he apologizes. I say this because of what she said after telling me the above. The elderly woman later said, “yeah, he was arrested for having (2) LSD pills on him, that somebody planted?

Before I realized what I was about to say, “the following words had already left my lips” I replied, “How do you know somebody planted the pills?”

Her response, followed a brief silence, as if she had to think about her answer. Then she said, “because they say his “drug of choice” is marijuana.’

I asked who is they? She said the people he talks to when he gets admitted in the hospital. Then she kind of mumbled, “I don’t know much about all this drug stuff, but I told the cops he wasn’t raised this way.” We are a Christian family.

Okay, out of respect for the elderly, and knowledge of how often parents, and grandparents elect to stay in the dark about their child’s self-destructive behavior, I refrained from commenting on the “Christian” thing!

All of the above was said during the same conversation where the elderly lady said both parents of the grandson, which included her son, and his wife, used drugs throughout most of the grandson’s life.

On top of that, both her son and his wife, the grandson’s mother passed away when he was a teen. By her own admission, she didn’t raise her grandson.

Clearly she was just trying to find a way to cope with a situation no 80 year-old should have to deal with.

Without speaking it, the woman was asking “what is the light?”

As it seems she’s been trying to shine some light into her grandson’s darkness for years, ever since he lost the last parent, her son. I could literally feel her pain.

What is the light? You will never find light inside darkness. However, light can be shined on darkness to reveal that which is hidden. The light here rests in the hope that this grandmother refuses to surrender to darkness.

She keeps a light on in her heart for her grandson, believing that one day he will see it.

What is the light here? It is the love of God, coupled with unyielding faith, and the heart. The place God is most concerned with is out heart, which governs the law of love. After all, we can’t tell ourselves who to love. Moreover, the grandson is the most significant reminder of her deceased and only son.

Essentially, the wayward grandson unknowingly continues to illuminate light in a grandmother’s darkness.

The light also represents lives that God entrusted with every one of us to intentionally cherish, love, protect, and teach others. To accomplish this we must let our light shine.

A loving heart is light, whereas a cold uncaring heart is dark. Satan loves hearts of the dark.

To sum it all up, the light may be in you or the dark. If you’re true to you determining which won’t prove difficult. While you don’t have to be perfect to be “the light,” you must let it shine every chance you get, lest you become the dark.

“Perhaps this reality proves that much of what we want in life is just that, a want!”

Remind me Lord of how I came into the world, clothed in the ultimate birthday suit, designed to fit perfectly, stitched by the Master Tailor.

Lord help me understand what is most important in this life, and how to distinguish wants from needs. I need You, but sometimes I want things of the world.

As it may be, the way we come into this world is the most profound proof that worldly possessions have no divine value or significance to the Lord.

Father, You said:

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb and naked I will depart….”The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, may the name of the Lord be praised.” Job 1 21:22

The thoughts I wrestle with daily have begun to alter and summon dark outcomes. Additionally, most not only prove to be restless in nature, they antagonize. Evidence of the possibility of light is there, but my arms are too short to reach the bulb.

Conceivably, if I can’t reach the light it’s probably because I’m not ready to see the light! And, the Father knows this.

Sadly man has no lantern capable of setting aglow darkness caused by the dark one. Only God can replace darkness with light. Another way to put the question is “Where is the light?” Answer: The light is in God’s hands.

One day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came with them. The Lord said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Job 1: 6-7

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