Hi I'm Denise,

Welcome to "Speak to Your Heart." Creating a therapeutic music/love song website and radio station had become a delayed dream and passion of mine, until today. From this point on my goal is to make Speak to Your Heart every woman and man's go-to- place to find solace, healing and reflection in lyrics of some of the most prolific, powerful and passionate Love Songs of all time. Beautiful Love Songs have the propensity to raise dead love from the grave, as well as heal broken hearts.

Yes, a good Love Song does something to me. To say that music is universal is an understatement, but the effect of a great love song on the heart can never be underestimated. A love song is a lyrical, musical, or poetic expression of romantic love. The key word is expression. Sometimes the heart needs the vessel it's in to be still, the ears attached to tune in, while the eyes of the soul open wide. Never be afraid to allow a bleeding heart to express itself.

I know how love feels, how it can hurt, how it can bring joy, and how words from the heart can heal.

There is a Love Song for every romantic situation, no matter how sorted. Love songs provoke us to look into the abyss....

Can you handle it?