Devotionals by Ministerneecy

Devotionals are essential to spiritual growth. This is my devotional blog. It’s different from Speak to Your Heart Music blog, because it’s purpose is to connect Scripture to Life. The music blog marries hearts to ballads, aka love songs.

Knowing that there is nothing new under the sun is the first step to discovering your purpose, so that you can intentionally participate in studying devotionals. To comprehend one’s purpose is have faith in the Creator and His ability to navigate the lives He made possible.

Most people will leave this earth having never known what it means to be content in the state they’re in. To recognize God’s plan we must give Him permission to move in our lives, which requires standing still. Talking to the Father every day helps us stay grounded. Prayer is the only way to communicate with the Lord.

Other than reading the Bible, what better way is there to give God the glory than engaging in devotionals. 

Reading Scripture often is important, and while partaking in daily devotionals can’t substitute for hiding God’s Word in our heart, it can compliment daily prayer or meditation.

The sole purpose of daily devotionals is to help keep you grounded in God’s Word. Additionally, inspirational readings thwart worldly distractions, tap in to your most sacred intimate inner thoughts, and guide prayers.

Essentially, reading anything ordained by the Master provokes us to give Him the Glory!