Call Me| Aretha Franklin

“Nobody does it like Aretha. Aretha was and is one of the most gifted lyricist in the world.”

Call Me
Single by Aretha Franklin from the album This Girl’s in Love with You.

B-side “Son of a Preacher Man. “Released January 21, 1970 Format 7” single, Recorded Criteria Studios, Miami; 1969 Genre R&B, Soul Length 3:16 (single version) 3:57 (album version) Label Atlantic Songwriter(s) Aretha Franklin.

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“Eleanor Rigby”
(1969) “Call Me

Call Me” is a song written and recorded by American Soul singer Aretha Franklin. The song was co-produced by Jerry Wexler, Tom Dowd and Arif Mardin. Franklin came up with the idea for the song after she saw a young couple engaged in deep conversation on New York’s Park Avenue.

Before they parted, Franklin heard them say to each other: “I love you… call me.”[1] With the exception of Franklin on piano, musical backing for “Call Me” was handled by members of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section.

“Call Me” may look like two simple words, that’s until Aretha gets a hold of them. This is the “Call Me” page, one that’s reserved for lovers who know how it feels to be waiting by the phone. And, for those born after the “Baby Boomers,”this is for those waiting for that special “text message,” cell phone call or email.

Yes, ain’t technology something else? Today broken-hearted women, and men, don’t have to sit by a phone waiting for the one they love to call.  They can take the phone where ever they go.

Don’t be fooled by women who proclaim to have never waited by the phone, read through the lines. Perhaps they’ve never waited by a phone for somebody they care about deeply to call, but you better believe they’ve waited in their hearts. What hurts more?

The queen of soul says, “call me the hour, the second you get there!” You can literally feel her anticipation bleeding through the track. This brilliant, and powerful authoritative songstress, and musician knows how to bellow out melodies that cut like a knife.

Aretha is a master of lyricology. Her music constitutes a teaching moment for anybody listening.

Call Me, was released as a single in January 1970 from Aretha’s This Girl’s in Love with You album and became another hit for her. The hit spent two weeks at number one on the US R&B Singles chart, while reaching number 13 on the Pop chart.[2]|

Event Time: Call Me
Event Date: 1970