Because You Loved Me| Celine Dion

I love Celine Dion as an artist, and woman. Like most, I don’t know her personally, only what I’ve read over the years. However, the public excerpts of her life that amazed me most involved her love affair and passage to womanhood. To be honest, I’m a hypocrite when it comes to Celine’s relationship with her late husband.

I put the age difference in the back of my mind, because the love they seemed to have for each other overshadowed the obvious. Even now I won’t go there. Let’s let sleeping dogs lye and praise the music.

Because You Loved Me“, which lasted nineteen weeks at number one. Dion has logged 87 weeks atop the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart, the most of any artist. She has also tallied the most AC number ones – eleven – by a female artist.

In 2007, the single “Taking Chances” gave Dion ownership of the most top ten hits on the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks, with twenty-one during the last two decades.

Dion also boasts the most AC entries (42) and most number ones among all artists since her arrival.

Dion’s last US AC chart entry include “Ashes” from the 2018 American superhero film, Deadpool 2.